Upon our introduction, you may notice my sophisticated elegance. As we acquaint ourselves, you will see that I possess an interesting mix of intellect and sensuality. After we make a connection, it will be clear how truly open-minded I am. When we are together, I am completely and totally with you.

While I enjoy luxury experiences, I am quite easy going and down to earth. Despite the curves life throws at us, I fight to find joy and pleasure in each and every day. I will always share that joy with those closest to me. Although I am no longer a student, I strive to live each day as though I am. I am continuously open to new experiences and gaining knowledge that my friends and the world has to offer.

My gallery features many versatile looks appropriate for a variety of settings, whether it be a casual engagement or sizzling personal encounter. I enjoy using my unique flexibility to twist and stretch into the most surprising and sensuous positions. I am all natural. My silky skin is porcelain and only my earlobes are pierced. I love indulging in culinary experiences, but follow a strict plant-based diet that keeps me svelte and full of energy. My every movement is infused with grace, strength, and sensuality, whether I’m gliding across the room or sliding next to you.

I strive to be present in all situations. Whether it be listening to you, touching you, or feeling your touch, I am completely and totally in the moment. I create genuine, long lasting bonds with the people I choose to spend time with. Whether you’d like me to inspire, relieve, care for, or entice you, I hope to become a positive influence in your life. I want to get to know who you are and what you secretly desire.

Although I was a top rated provider with glowing reviews, I no longer wish to engage in review culture. Our private time together is so much more special to me if it is just for the two of us to enjoy. I look forward to spending time with people who understand and appreciate this.

I regularly post on Twitter. This is a great way to get a better sense of who I am. Please enjoy exploring my site and contact me if you feel we could be a good match. Enjoy!


Height 5’9″
Weight 135lbs.
Age 30
Eyes Green
Hair Long, golden brown
Measurements 32C, 27, 38
Dress 4/6
Shoe 7.5/38